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Flying Fidget Spinner

Flying Fidget Spinner

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How It Works

  • Step 1: To activate the flying fidget spinner, flip the switch at the top to "on" and give it a firm shake.
  • Step 2: Place your thumb on the bottom of the spinner and your index finger or middle finger at the top of the spinner. Then hold the spinner in front of your chest and throw it slightly upward. Watch as it returns to you, then you can enjoy!

How to charge

Step 1:Remember to make sure that the startup switch is set to the "OFF" position before connecting the USB charging cable. Then, plug the USB charging cable into a power outlet and then into the spinner. You'll see a red light come on to show that the spinner is charging, and the light will go off when the charging is finished.

Can You Use It Outside

You can use it outdoors when the weather is good, but unfortunately, you cannot when the weather is bad.

14-Day Free Trial

If you are unsatisfied or the product breaks, we will refund you within the first 14 days of the purchase.

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Boredom is a thing of the past

Fly Away From Boredom

Are you tired of constantly being bored? Our revolutionary flying fidget spinners will allow you to fly away from boredom forever with just one toss! The auto-return technology, combined with the thrill of catching the spinner, will help you say goodbye to boredom forever!

Keep Calm and Spin On with a Flying Fidget Spinner!

Flying Fidget Spinner Drone Ball UFO Stress Focus Hand Fun Toy LED Kids & Adults

Focus Your ADHD

Focus better than ever with the flying fidget spinner! Simply toss the spinner while multitasking and voila! You can concentrate for hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can it cause injuries?

The spinners are designed to stop immediately when they sense any contact with the propeller. Unless you intentionally want to cause harm, or the spinner is malfunctioning, there should be no issues.

Is the flying fidget spinner waterproof?

Although the flying fidget spinner does not immediately break when put in water, we advise against it, as it may potentially break.

What happens if you don't catch it?

The spinners are designed to bounce off everything it hits, so it will almost certainly return to your hand even after a bad throw.

What is the battery life?

The battery life of the flying fidget spinner is around 8-10 minutes and it takes around 20 minutes to charge